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Farm & Ranch Insurance

At First Tribune Insurance, we help get insurance for farms and ranches with different coverage limits and risks depending on the type and size of farm. A farm and ranch policy will help protect your farm or ranch for losses to your home or dwelling, farm property and liability risks.

If your farm or ranch is a business as well, you may want to consider other additional coverages like loss of income, workers compensation, commercial auto and errors and omissions. The different options and coverages for a farm & ranch policy can be confusing, so having an independent agent is advantageous.

Farm & Ranch Coverages

Representing a variety of farm & ranch insurance carriers in Kansas and Colorado, our policies offer many coverage options so you can balance how much risk you're willing to assume with the premium you're willing to pay.

Most Kansas farm & ranch policies cover:

  • Home protection - in the event of wind, fire or hail
  • Home belongings
  • Liability protection
  • Injury to another person or property damage
  • Livestock
  • Legal defense
  • Can also cover barns and other structures
  • Can also cover your scheduled (or blanket) farm equipment and tools
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